The World of Solange / Solange Abou Zahra

Solange Abou Zahra is a Lebanese born and bred designer. During her childhood, Solange found her childhood passion when she began designing and making miniature dresses for her little dolls, and at the brink of turning eight years old, Solange had already began making her very own outfits.

Growing up with such an enthusiastic admiration of fashion, Solange found solace in the beauty of fabric, texture, shape, and movement, she grew into creating her very own identity in fashion, merging an ephermeral feminine pureness, and a progressively modern edge, which defines the very being of what is woman today.

Having lived in the middle east, and specifically in the warm and the breeze of the mediterranean, the landscapes, the oceans, provided a beacon of inspiration to create, and design. After finding her passion, Solange embarked on a journey of educating herself, and learning the craft of design. When Solange Abou Zahra graduated from high school, the young lady began an escapade of learning and inspiration.

Abou Zahra completed her education in Burgo, Milano, where she graduated in 2010. Solange moved back to the orient, a place where she has always called home. Solange relocated to Dubai, and began acquiring experience in the design world. Learning the practical fashion needs of the modern oriental woman.

In 2015 Solange decided her home town of Beirut, is the place where she wants to settle and open her atelier. In Lebanon she began exporting her creative pieces to various areas of the middle east, the gulf, and to the world at large.

Solange Abou Zahra’s style is an earthly infusion of Middle Eastern sophistication, coupled with the practicality of the European ease. The designs of Solange Abou Zahra are meant to dress the modern woman, her fashion aims serving as a reminder of the innate beauty of being a woman in this modern world.

Her work aims at shedding light on the treasure is a strong woman’s presence, and the very beauty of her being.At the atelier, Solange makes sure she creates fashion which is timeless, rather than driven by the instantaneous trend.Fashion, which stands the test of time, from quality, to durability, beauty, and ease of wearing.

Solange herself, works closely with pattern makers, embroiderers, and brilliant specialists in order to acquire the ideal version of her design, making her pieces little luxuries in a woman’s closet.